Dolly in the Doorway

Dolly in the Doorway

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shopping Therapy and Enjoying Nature!

Hi again! It's me Rebecca! Although Friday had really nice weather, the weekend was rainy and rather dreary. I was sort of disappointed with it being my first weekend out of the box. :-(
My Dolly Mom said that I needed some "Shopping Therapy" to boost my spirits. So we went online and decided to order some new things.
I actually really needed this item. It's a hair pick for my hair. The brush I have works fine and my Dolly Mom knows how to style my hair so it looks really pretty. However, it appears that this pick may make styling my hair even easier. I guess we'll see!

We also decided to order two dresses that were great deals on sale! They were 50% off the original price!
First we purchased this "Brocade Holiday Dress"

We also chose this "Sweet School Dress"!
I know the two dresses are not part of my historical collection, but I really enjoy dressing as a modern girl too. Plus, who can pass up such great deals?
Later on Sunday, the weather cleared up a bit and I was able to go outside. I saw some pretty daffodils!

I also saw what I think might be mini lilies. (Not actually sure of the accurate name for this flower???)

I also met some fun frogs! Of course, they are not real frogs, but they were still fun to see!

Despite the weather, all in all, it was a great Sunday! Talk to you soon!

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