Dolly in the Doorway

Dolly in the Doorway

Monday, April 28, 2014

School Time!

Hi everyone! It's Rebecca again! Well it's been one week now since I've been in my new home. I'm still loving it! My Dolly Mom is so great, that I didn't even argue with her today when she told me it was time for school. Well, I knew I wasn't actually going to school, but since a new school week had started, it was time for me to dress the part. Here I am in my "School Outfit"!

I really like this outfit! The sweater is such a pretty blue color. It is nice and soft! It also matches the picture on the front of the second book in my historical series, "Rebecca and Ana" about me and my cousin. My Dolly Mom read the book and said she loved it!

My Dolly Mom did say that the bow that came with this outfit was difficult though. It came in one long ribbon and she had to tie it in a bow and attach it to my hair using a bobby pin. She wished that it came already tied into a bow with it's own clip.

Here is my dress without the sweater.

The boots are really great too!

Well, I better start studying since now I have the perfect outfit for it!

Maybe someday my Dolly Mom will get me my School Lunch and Accessories (hint...hint...:-)

Hope to see you soon (when I am not at school that is!) :-)

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