Dolly in the Doorway

Dolly in the Doorway

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meeting New Friends!

Hi! It's me Rebecca! I'm back again to tell you more about life in my new home!
Yesterday when I arrived, I met one of the other American Girl Dolls who live at my home. Her name is Marisol and she told me she was the Girl of the Year in 2005. Wow! That was a long time ago, but she still looks great! She welcomed me to my new home and said she hopes we can be good friends. I hope so too!

My Dolly Mom says that Marisol looks a lot like me. I have to agree. We have the same shape face and the same color hair. However, Marisol's skin is tan and her eyes are brown. My Dolly Mom says even though lots of dolls may look like me, I am still very special and unique. No other doll is just like me! :-)

Today I met the rest of the American Girls who live in my home. They said they recently all got dressed up in their original meet outfits that they came with so they would be ready to "meet" me! It will take awhile for me to remember all their names and get to know them. My Dolly Mom says I can spend some play time with one of them each week so we can get acquainted. I'm looking forward to that. Here is a photo of all of us together. I was really excited to meet them!

More adventures with my new friends are coming soon. I can just feel it! Talk to you later!

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