Dolly in the Doorway

Dolly in the Doorway

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Own Doll Collection

Hi! It's me again! Just wanted to share some of my weekend fun. Here I am on Saturday. I went to My Doll Mom's Doll Club meeting. I brought two of my Russian Nesting Dolls to show everyone. They were my Dolly Mom's, but she said I could have them for my own collection! Here are two photos of me at the meeting. My Dolly Mom also brought her "Tiny Kitty" and "Amelia Thimble" dolls.

Here I am at home relaxing on Sunday night with my entire Russian Doll collection. In the "Rebecca" book series for American Girl, I have a Russian Doll and I name one of them "Becky".

Aren't my dolls so cute!

The small red and purple doll are twins (like my two sisters in my books, Sadie and Sophie). They open up to make 5 tiny dolls. Here is what the red one looks like when all the dolls are out.

The larger red doll is my favorite. It opens up into 10 dolls. They all have different faces!

The smallest doll is SO tiny!

The last little doll is on a key chain. She is really cute!

I really like this doll because I can carry her on my own. Maybe I'll take her to school with me like I did in my book!

I love my new doll collection! Thank you for letting me share it with you!

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